Saturday, 15 February 2014

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There is a lot happening in the next 2 weeks.... a wedding in Phuket, sailing with family to wonderful places from Phuket to Langkawi, Malaysia. I'm sure there will be lots of posts and pics.

Jade and I, Rod, Myfil and Amber are all on the same flight out, late Tuesday night 18th Feb.

Lots to do in just a few days

See you in Spring!!!!!


Unknown said...

HI Geoff. I assume you are all now safe and sound and running in circles preparing fo the big day. Great website! I'll be watching with interest. CHEERS!

Geoff Harnden said...

Hi Graeme
We are way beyond safe and sound... we are in heaven!!!
The big day was beyond description by words...hope to get some photos up soon when Sam and Steph make them public.

We had a movie night the other night... just off Steph and Sam's camera..over 2000 photos and that did not include any of wedding.
Aimee and Craig have probably got 3000, Jade 500 or more, Myfil goodness knows...
I am going to try and capture those before they leave in next few days, although Steph and Sam left yesterday back to Perth. They are going to join us again at Easter for the Kimberley Islands. I'm sure they will post some of their photos in due course

good to hear from you matey