Thursday, 20 March 2014

Live Action..1000 hours Thursday 20 March

We are crossing the shipping lanes in and out of Singapore, as we leave the SW tip of Malaysia, heading for Batam, Indonesia. The amount of shipping is mind-blowing.

Not sure how long we will be Able to sustain Malay internet. It will be the next Indonesian internet.
We expect to clear Indonesian Customs, and get visas's late this afternoon.

Bugger ... just ran too far from Malaysia before I could get it up ...

so it is now 1700 hours local time and we are berthed at Nongsa Point Marina, Batam, Indonesia ...

but not without some drama on the way .... more to follow on that later tonight

off on a scooter now with a marina guy to get some Indo sim cards .. on the marina wifi to quickly get this post up.

love to all

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KimmyG said...

Wow - amazing - pics and dialogue. Thanks Geoff - lovely to catch up with where you are and whats happening.