Sunday, 23 March 2014

Crossing the Equator today

We are all good here and having some wonderful experiences
weather and sea have been kind to us so far
yesterday we sailed with no engines for three quarters of our leg doing 9 knots average
it was really cool.

Have just about caught up with pics and vids on the various pages.

We will be crossing the Equator today just before lunch so will be doing the customary
offering to King Neptune, if the weather allows. It's a bit rough at the moment.

Local time is 0815 and we are at Latitude North 0 degrees.32 minutes
East longitude 104 degrees.22 minutes

If you search Pulau Kentar, Indonesia on Google Maps, (bottom eastern tip of the island Sebangka
in the South China Sea) that is where we will be when we cross the equator

Bit rough this am so do not think I'll be staying down here in my cabin for too much longer.

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