Sunday, 2 March 2014


Well, it has been longer than anticipated to get this post up.....

We have had some internet connection problems, plus a few issues to sort on the boat before leaving Phuket, but we set sail Tuesday morning as planned for the island hopping cruise to Langkawi.

We arrived Phuket Wednesday 19th...nice warm sunny morning 27deg, Set up our nests on the boat, then dinner at a lovely Thai restaurant at the Marina.
Thursday, all the girls took off for a 3 hour spa, some of the boys went go-kart racing. That evening Steph and Sam had arranged a beach BBQ dinner at Skyla. About 15 couples have come over from Perth for the wedding and here was where everyone met up over coctails and a superb meal. We had to walk about 300m along the beach..Skyla the last restaurant on the beach (see Phuket page).

From here the boys set off to Petang to celebrate Sam's last night being single. What a night!!!!
All I can say is a lot of shots went down in a lot of bars all in one street, a lot of stunning women (although one had to check for signs they were actually women) and we all got totally trashed. I managed to get back to the boat by 6am. Sam got back to his hotel about 7.30am...still in his bikini I believe!!!!

Friday was a pretty quiet day

Saturday...the most amazing wedding starting at 4.30 pm. We got back to the boat about 3.30am and some were again totally trashed. Thankfully Benglar Rd was closed as some of the girls wanted to find out what all the lads were on about.

Sunday was a pretty quiet day

Monday, everyone came from their haunts and descended upon the boat for a day trip before many returned home....about 40 people. We cast off at 0930 and set sail for Hong Island....where we laid anchor for some swimming, snorkelling, bbq...and lots to drink. We returned back to Phuket as the sun sank magnificently into the western horizon.

A magnificent wedding celebration!!!!!

I will now try and get some photos onto the Phuket page.... I am currently sitting at a Langkawi Marina bar,
it is 1915, sun is setting, it is about 30deg and the Tiger beers are going down pretty easily.

HOT TIP coming up about best way to internet connect....


Anonymous said...

Waiting for the photos Geoff :). Have fun - SWR

Geoff Harnden said...

thanks mate.... we have been sailing around Langkawi Island the past 2 days, visiting some amazing spots. Back at Langkawi Marina now... Jade and 4 others fly home tomorrow. Some work to do on the boat before Annie, Ron and I begin the voyage etd planned for the 10th.