Monday, 24 March 2014

Equator update

We sailed all day today under the #1 headsail, across a short steep swell, with the wind on the beam to aft quarter. Wind ranged from 6 to 14 knots. At 14 knots it was quite pleasant; less than 9 we were rocking around a bit. Average speed was down around 6-7 knots so we didn't respect King Neptune until 1330.
We did everything according to custom...Ron even dressed for the occasion. Pics and vids later

Due to slow progress, we did not anchor until just before sunset at the southern tip of Pulau Lingga, much
later than we had planned but we saved a lot of diesel with that option.
We calculated tonight that running port and starboard engines at 2000rpm most of the time, we are using
11 litres per hour per engine. Price up here is around $1 per litre, although at Nongsa they stung us at $1.45

Tonight we have been setting ourselves up for a big leg of 31 hours if we average 7 knots, to Belitung in the Java Sea. We have organised a roster of 1 up for 3 hours, then down for 6. We have also looked at some safety issues for a day/night/day continuous leg. We plan to raise anchor at 0700 and reach NW Belitung early afternoon the following day. 2 more similar big legs follow this week to reach Bali.

We are only just getting internet here so we will be off air for at least 31 hours... hopefully we can re-connect at Belitung; if not you might not here from us until close to Bali

Love to all

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