Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Bawean to Kangean

31 March

A distance of about 230nm.... our biggest leg to date, so we raised anchor at 0600 and headed ESE.

The seas on this journey were the largest so far, and very confused, creating very steep short waves.
It appeared as though the main swell was coming from the east, about 1/2 to 1 metre at times, but there was also a swell coming from ENE and another from ESE. This is logical given how the Java Sea opens up to the Celebes Sea in the north, the Banda Sea in the east, and the Timor Sea above Australia.

The result was that this all over the place chop was impossible to set a heading, to get the most comfortable ride. So,all day and all night it was just bang bang bang as waves crashed against the hulls and the underside of the wing deck forward of the mast.

Just after dawn, the bilge pump alarms started going off and a quick inspection of the starboard bilge revealed a much greater flow of water. We slowed the boat to a crawl, suspecting that the hammering we took overnight may be pulling that keel away from the boat. Kangean was in sight, and as we crept along at 5 knots Ron set up a second pump for that bilge. When that was all sorted, we stopped the boat and Ron dived over to take a look.
He came back extremely relieved that there were no cracks showing between keel and hull, and all was well to resume at 2000rpm to Kangean.

What in fact was happening is this....

The keels are fibreglass and hollow inside. By hitting the reef we had punctured the keel and water was driving into the keel and hydraulicing up through seams in the plug at the top of the keel and into the bilge.

It was becoming clear that we would have to either beach the boat somewhere, or haul it out at Bali to repair the puncture permanently before we could sail to Broome, WA.

We arrived at Kangean at 0900 whereupon Ron started getting out the dive gear to have a really close inspection of what would be required to do. He had his swim, we had ours, then tried to position to get internet but without success. Annie did manage to get a few calls in to set ourselves up for a haulout at Bali.

So at 1400 on the 1st April, we set out for a 240 miler direct to Bali.


KimmyG said...

ohhh noooo. You poor things. Hard to deal with that sort of stuff when you can get services and stuff you need easily.

Geoff Harnden said...

yes, we were a little concerned if we could find a slipway big enough, but as it has turned out repairs will be completed next few days and we should be setting off for Broome on the 16th April.