Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Counting Down

We are at Rumah Franjapani in Sanur but our days are numbered now,
both here and in Bali.
We have to be out of this beautiful villa, which drops bowls of frangipani's daily, on the 30th.
What a fantastic week it has been here.....

All going to plan, Emotion2 will be back alongside Port Benoa Marina
and we can move from this villa and step once again (4 weeks later) on to the boat once again.

We will have to load 1600L of diesel off a barge.... that sweaty messy job;
load all the stuff Annie and I have bought here;
and then load all the provisioning we will need for the trip to Broome.

To be honest, realistically, we don't see ourselves sailing down the Bali Coast until the 1st or maybe
the 2nd of May.

Bali.... I will be back

1 comment:

KimmyG said...

That looks adorable. Thanks for the beautiful photos to share this amazing place.
Im glad you found a way of coping with the delays! Well I hope that vessel is ready to sail and wont give you any further grief.
Bon Voyage again mon amis. :-)