Friday, 11 April 2014

Great Day

We are at Villa Capri in Seminyak, Bali ....
got up about 8am, had a swim, shower, shave, Usana pampered and VITS / MINS
then wandered up the lane to grab a scooter for the day ($ 5) ....

went down to Bodyworks to book a massage with hot stones for 5pm
and then shot round to Potato Head to take a look inside
this was the place with all the shutters on the exterior you will have seen Earlier ...
pure decadence!!!!   yes that is a swimming pool that runs right across the front on the beach front
had a Marguerita and took some shots;
then took off to Kuta to buy some art (got a nice piece)
then the silver Jeweler next door (got 2 nice pieces ... one for my girl)

back to the Villa via the coast road ... unbelievable
little lanes that only scooters can go ... and just eatery after eatery for miles
riding on roads, narrow cobbled lanes, sand ...

Got home at 4pm .. had a swim, shower and shot down to Bodyworks for a 90 minute massage
that simply defies description
I nearly fell off the bike when I was leaving the place
and was really wobbly on the journey home

Had to shoot back to the shop in Kuta jewellrey Because We Realized the piece was too small for Jade
its dark now, got lost, nearly ran out of gas .. saved by a local who shot up to a mate to get some 4 me ...
finally got home had a swim, drink, then got tarted up for the 3 of us to head to Nirvana for dinner
last pic is having a swim when we got back from the most amazing meal at Nirvana ....

Another great day in Bali

(Please excuse the grammar ... its all in the translation thing)

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