Thursday, 15 May 2014

Broome to Port Hedland

10 May

We depart Broome for Port Hedland at 1200 on a beautifully fine day and flat seas. It is a day/night/day trip but now we have Mole (Eric) on board so watches are much easier at 2 hours up and 6 hours down, despite not having Bazza our autopilot.

Mole is a very keen fisho (as is Ron) so it wasn’t long before we were trolling 4 lures for some fish.
The marine life here is abundant. We come across intense large workups often without even changing course. So, sometime in the afternoon, we were all tucking into some delicious tuna just half an hour out of the ocean. Delicious!!!! Two more skipjack tuna were caught, one of which we released back to the ocean, plus a Queen fish which we had for dinner. Awesome.
And if that wasn’t enough to be just the perfect day…. along came the sunset.

Broome and this region are noted for the sunsets they have here. I can tell you that what we witnessed this evening was nothing short of unbelievably spectacular. There are lots of photos and vids coming up in the Voyage Gallery

11 May

The weather changed gradually overnight, and once again we were getting knocked about a bit.
Today, the seas were pretty big at times and the winds 25-30 knots. We were fortunate the seas were running just aft abeam on our port quarter so it wasn’t too uncomfortable. Definitely no fishing today though.
Then, about 1600, the winds died away, the seas gradually flattened and once again we witnessed another spectacular sunset.

12 May

We arrive at Port Hedland bunkering station at 1330… re-fuel and water then anchor just outside the port for drinks and lamb racks for dinner while these massive iron ore freighters sail by every 30 minutes. With no watches tonight, we enjoyed a lovely relaxing evening.


Peter said...

Glad to hear that you have had good days for your exit from Bali and arrival in Broome. WE were starting to get a bit worried. But with a telephone call to the Broome Port Harbour Master relieved any anxiety that we had. He was hilarious with a great sense of humor.

Peter said...

The flying fish story must have been hilarious to be there and watch it play out.

Geoff Harnden said...

Everyone at Broome were just superb.... especially Customs!!!!!!

Geoff Harnden said...

I would have loved to have seen it live Peter, but even to hear it told was pretty good.