Friday, 16 May 2014

From Port Hedland

13 May

We decide to do a big day sail to West Moore Island, stay there overnight, and start early for Dampier the next day.
This area is surrounded by shallow tidal sand banks, as is much of this coastline, but after some tricky navigation of these shallow spots, we arrived just before dusk at West Moore Island and laid anchor.

Not long after having mixed the first rum, the almost full moon came up over the island, and sent a shimmering glow across the water directly into the cockpit. Many more photos were taken!!!

Annie served up some baked fish for dinner that was of international cuisine excellence. The boys were in heaven. Annie... that was seriously Masterchef top shelf!!!!!!!
It was a beautiful evening.

Moley brought out his CD cases and next thing you know we are listening to some really good music,
way too loud,
and with way too much rum...
well, Mole and I were......

and about the last thing I recall of that beautiful moonlit night was Peter Gabriel


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