Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Rottnest Island

May 31... Steph's birthday

Steph and Sam caught up with us as soon as we arrived at Mindarie, and very kindly dropped a car off for us to use while here.
June 2 is WA Day so a long weekend to celebrate Steph's birthday by getting them on the boat and cruise out to Rottnest Island, just off Perth.

Saturday is a very cold and grey day, and not far out from the marina the sea swell becomes huge. A few people were not feeling that great after a couple of hours. After about 4 hours we approach Rottnest Island,
and sight 2 whales frolicking close to shore. I think it was a mum and calf but the jury is out on that.
Whatever...we got an absolute cabaret show for half an hour, hovering some 150 metres away. It was just awesome. Coincidentally, everyone felt well again. We anchored some distance out at Thomson Bay because the bay was just littered with Riviera's and other similar craft. We reckon that bay was probably holding 50 million bucks!!! At least.

It is bitterly cold and we are literally rugged up like bears, so spend the rest of the day catching up, finishing with a wonderful birthday dinner. I'm not sure why we decided to eat alfresco???

June 1

Nicer morning and warmer, and after a superb breakfast again prepared by Steph and Sam, we head ashore for a tour walk. This is a really cool island, with hundreds of little holiday batches positioned all around the coastline, with magnificent beaches enclosed behind a myriad of reefs. Each bay has a narrow channel that boats can pass through and anchor. We walked quite a distance... maybe 4km by the time we returned to where they sell the best icecreams in the world, a Dome cafe, pub, and hotel. We had the icecream at the start, and returned to the pub for something a little stronger; and more delicious food Sammy just had to order!!! A lovely day on the island in much better, much warmer weather.

June 2

WA Day.. monday. And it is a beautiful morning. A few dolphin nonchalantly cruise about the moored boats.
After another stunning breakfast, we head off at 1030 to return to Mindarie. Steph takes the helm and never relinquished it.... we even cruised for a while sailing with main and jib, but as the day progressed the day got finer and the wind dropped away. It was back in shorts and no shirt again. Absolutely fabulous day.
We cruised into Mindarie at 1600 and Dome Cafe was chocker. Everyone was fascinated as we berthed alongside.
We finished the evening by having dinner at the Brewhaus and Grill where Sammy and I checked out some of the Indian Ocean Brewery beers.

Awesome weekend.

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