Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Just a big thank you to everyone whom has helped us along the way... I know Annie wants to specifically mention some people... but, to everyone we have come into contact with... we are so grateful to you, and it has been an absolute pleasure for us to have met you all... without exception.

Thanks also to all our followers on this website. We hope that you have enjoyed the dialogue, the pics and videos. It hasn't been easy because we only had internet for short periods of time, and it takes lots of time to upload pics and vids, and then the dialogue posts... (we are almost up to date there now).
We know that you have been following us because our website has now had 21,000 page views; and we are now #1 on Page 1 of Google, if someone searches Emotion2. That's really hard to do.

To fellow sailors, who are looking for information from our blog, I hope it is helpful to you. We know also that you are following us because the page views are coming from all around the globe, particularly lower USA and Alaska, so that is just fantastic. Please use the Contact Form on this Home Page if you need any further information.

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Anonymous said...

Following your great adventure guys. Sorry i couldn't be with you on this leg Ron for the reasons told but looking forward to a future opportunity. Take care and keep those Rum Supplies moving.