Friday, 14 February 2014

Sean Rasmussen Learn How To Blog

Thanks also go to Sean Rasmussen of Webvision2020

A fantastic guy (and he's Ozzie, so that's high praise) who has taken me to places with
Learn How to Blog that's just amazing.

This site would not exist if not for what I have learnt from Sean Rasmussen
...unless someone else in the family did it of course

You too can set up your own blog (website), controlled by you, in just a few hours..
Go to Links on this Home Page, right hand side...  click Learn How to Blog,
or just click on the image Learn How to Blog below the Links menu,
or easier still click here

cheers Sean... be thinking of you in Bunbury, while I'm cruising the Kimberley's....
Should be in Perth about May sometime... I'll give you a buzz


Sumant Walter Rao Photography

Many thanks also to Sumant Walter Rao......

If you want to see some stunning photography, or look directly into the eyes of a lion,
please see the Links Menu on the right hand side of this Home Page, visit his site,
and comment on any post if you are moved. Be sure to visit his "Older Posts" also.
Comments will help Sumant Walter Rao Photography with his Google rankings for his site....
and mate, in my book, you are # 1.

Thank you my friend

37 South Yachts

Many thanks to the total professionals at for getting all the paperwork in order for us, so we can cruise some lovely islands. Phil, Allan, and team.... thanks heaps.
See the Links Menu to take you to their website or simply click on the link above