Wednesday, 2 April 2014


2 April

We have arrived at Bali, berthing at Port Benoa, south of Denpassar at 0900 local time.

The sail throughout was far more pleasant, sailing at an angle where we could also set the #2 jib for nearly 3/4 of the trip, as well as the engines running at lower rpm. Having the sail up also helps steady the ship.

So, we are now back live in real-time, and as I write this, we have arranged accommodation at a lovely villa;
packed our bags, and just sitting here waiting for news from the slipway as to when we can pull the boat out of the water.

Bawean to Kangean

31 March

A distance of about 230nm.... our biggest leg to date, so we raised anchor at 0600 and headed ESE.

The seas on this journey were the largest so far, and very confused, creating very steep short waves.
It appeared as though the main swell was coming from the east, about 1/2 to 1 metre at times, but there was also a swell coming from ENE and another from ESE. This is logical given how the Java Sea opens up to the Celebes Sea in the north, the Banda Sea in the east, and the Timor Sea above Australia.

The result was that this all over the place chop was impossible to set a heading, to get the most comfortable ride. So,all day and all night it was just bang bang bang as waves crashed against the hulls and the underside of the wing deck forward of the mast.

Just after dawn, the bilge pump alarms started going off and a quick inspection of the starboard bilge revealed a much greater flow of water. We slowed the boat to a crawl, suspecting that the hammering we took overnight may be pulling that keel away from the boat. Kangean was in sight, and as we crept along at 5 knots Ron set up a second pump for that bilge. When that was all sorted, we stopped the boat and Ron dived over to take a look.
He came back extremely relieved that there were no cracks showing between keel and hull, and all was well to resume at 2000rpm to Kangean.

What in fact was happening is this....

The keels are fibreglass and hollow inside. By hitting the reef we had punctured the keel and water was driving into the keel and hydraulicing up through seams in the plug at the top of the keel and into the bilge.

It was becoming clear that we would have to either beach the boat somewhere, or haul it out at Bali to repair the puncture permanently before we could sail to Broome, WA.

We arrived at Kangean at 0900 whereupon Ron started getting out the dive gear to have a really close inspection of what would be required to do. He had his swim, we had ours, then tried to position to get internet but without success. Annie did manage to get a few calls in to set ourselves up for a haulout at Bali.

So at 1400 on the 1st April, we set out for a 240 miler direct to Bali.

Night Watches

30 March

The distance to Bawean was a little shorter than the past few biggies, but because we left Karimunjawa later than planned we were in for another all-nighter.

The watches are as follows, starting at 1600 in the afternoon...
0700-1000...Geoff   etc etc

Notice how we cleverly have Annie's watch placed around brekky and dinner times!!!

We arrived at Bawean at noon, and again the locals came out to see if they could sell some diesel.
Again the rate was $1 kiwi so we loaded another 345L in the same way. It takes time, and again we didn't get a swim except off the back of the boat.

Free Parking at Karimunjawa

29 March

We spent most of yesterday afternoon loading diesel. This is hot messy work despite the elaborate pumping system Ron has devised to make it as easy as possible.
When we left Langkawi, we loaded 2 x 200 litre drums into the cockpit locker and 5 x 55L into 2 forward deck lockers. This gave us an additional 675L on top of the vessels 1500L

When we get diesel other than a marina, the locals fill the 55L drums ashore and bring them out to us in their boats or canoes. We then pump into the main tanks and the 200L cockpit drums.

As a result of not getting a swim that afternoon, we decided to head to an island this morning, get a swim and relax, then leave for Bawean after lunch.
Sailing nicely out the channel when suddenly the boat bounced over some rocks, then suddenly slammed to a halt.

Free parking at Karimunjawa...... high and dry on a coral reef for 3 hours.

Ron and Annie got their swims.... lots..... as they snorkelled around the keels and rudders, making sure we kept the boat at the right angles, away from some big bombers close by. There was a strong current running so we did this by my being in the inflatable, driving against the side of the ship.

Then BINGO! back she went off the reef. Thankfully the tide was coming in when we parked up.

Thankfully also we sustained no structural damage and no damage to hull or props, but the keels are pretty banged up and we lost a short lower piece of one rudder. We were taking on some amount of water (via the keel setup) but not major... the pumps were coping.
Still, we decided to effect some temporary repairs to slow the leaks, before finally departing for Palau Bawean at 1730 for another sail through the night.

I'm thinking we might be getting a few comments below on this post hehe......