Monday, 12 May 2014

We are in Ozzie country

Yes....  we have left Bali and arrived at the great country

We have lots of tales to bring you, and lots of vids and pics
but this will take time, as we have only just secured our Oz Sim cards,
and uploading these to You Tube, and to web albums takes forever;
and we only have internet for maybe one night, or a day at a time between
moving down the coast to our different ports of call.

Quick update is that we left Bali on the 5th at 1650 and arrived Broome on 9th 1400.
3 hours with Customs and Quarantine, 4th crew Eric boards the boat, and we anchor
on dusk.
Departed noon 10th for Port Hedland arriving here today at 1330 with 500 litres diesel
left in all the tanks and we have re-fueled this afternoon.
Staying here tonight for an Annie lamb racks dinner (you had to be here to see how she
charmed Dan the Quarantine man to let her keep those on board!!!), a relax, before heading
off again tomorrow....

Rough weather to begin with from Bali... last night/day beautiful..more later.

Boat is sound; some minor little things, and hardtop is great.

I promised when I set up this site that we would give you a tour of the boat...
I am uploading a video now to You Tube to fulfil that promise albeit somewhat late...
we have had many requests to do this will be first on the agenda

Happy Birthday Sammy... we love you!!!!

Just one extremely funny tale to conclude this post....

Night Shift
Annie on watch
Ronnie asleep nearby on alfresco table squab opposite side of boat
His pillow folded in half......

A flying fish soars out of the surf
flies past the back of Annie's head at the helm
directly into Ron's open ended pillow on the other side of the boat....

squabs and pillows are flying as an inert man suddenly jumps out of his dream
thinking he's being eaten by rats

Very funny for us.

Goodnight, and love to all