Friday, 16 May 2014


14 May

We set sail at first light for an all day trip to Dampier. We have been told by locals we have met on the way down that this is a nice spot. We cruise down the channel to an enclosed anchorage just before dusk, and while again we are surrounded by the mining industry, it is indeed a nice spot.
About 1900, we jumped in the tender and sped over to the Hampton Harbour Boat and Sailing Club for dinner. An excellent meal, of large proportions, had by all. Thoroughly recommended. The club had a fishing meet going on this particular evening with a presentation on rigging lures for billfish. Mole and Ron were very attentive. After the meeting, we met Brad, who like Keith at Broome, was very friendly and gave us a ton of local knowledge.

15 May

The topping lift needs to be replaced, so after breakfast it's back up the mast in the chair. Even having done it once before, this is still outside my comfort zone, particularly given it is right to the very top this time. So, I am clinging to the mast for dear life as we thread a new topping lift down the inside of the mast. I took my camera up this time, but didn't take any shots. Just get me back down please.
Back safely on deck, and Mole wants to go up and take some pics.
Well, he went up swinging around in the breeze like a monkey!!!!
He got some awesome shots too which we will post later.

Then it was a cab ride into Karratha to get the gas bottle refilled and do a bit of provisioning. It is about 20 minutes by cab into a compact town with everything one might need... hardware, Harvey Norman, Woolworths, Coles, liquor etc. Wayne the cabbie, stayed with us as we moved about which was good, and he too offered up a lot of local knowledge
We returned to the boat fully laden and at 1530 raised anchor for a short trip to Enderby Island, out off Dampier to stay the night. We dropped anchor at Bluff Point, a beautiful spot with a nice beach, and deep water anchorage. Annie got her swim, which she hasn't had for quite some time!

Tomorrow, it is away early for a day/nighter to Exmouth.

From Port Hedland

13 May

We decide to do a big day sail to West Moore Island, stay there overnight, and start early for Dampier the next day.
This area is surrounded by shallow tidal sand banks, as is much of this coastline, but after some tricky navigation of these shallow spots, we arrived just before dusk at West Moore Island and laid anchor.

Not long after having mixed the first rum, the almost full moon came up over the island, and sent a shimmering glow across the water directly into the cockpit. Many more photos were taken!!!

Annie served up some baked fish for dinner that was of international cuisine excellence. The boys were in heaven. Annie... that was seriously Masterchef top shelf!!!!!!!
It was a beautiful evening.

Moley brought out his CD cases and next thing you know we are listening to some really good music,
way too loud,
and with way too much rum...
well, Mole and I were......

and about the last thing I recall of that beautiful moonlit night was Peter Gabriel