Monday, 22 June 2015

Pacific Islands this year...

Hi All

Yes, Emotion2 is currently in Tonga. The first port of call for an extended cruise of the Pacific Islands.

Emotion2 left Auckland in May with some serious "fisho's" and divers aboard and headed for Tonga via the Minerva reefs.
From the info gathered so far... fish is on the menu!!!

Annie and myself are currently packing our bags, here in freezing NZ, and boarding a flight to shorts, tee shirts, and suncream, tomorrow morning before sunlight.

The boat will sail from Tonga to Fiji, Vanuatu, Noumea, Whitsundays QLD, Gold Coast and then back to NZ.

Crew will be coming and going at various points and destinations.

This is a short one for me (compared to the last voyage)... just 3 weeks away from blizzards, sailing the approximate 4 day voyage to Fiji with Ron and Annie, and spending a bit of time in the Fiji sun, before the next crew change.

Cannot wait!!

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