Thursday, 15 September 2016

Casy Island, Baie de Prony

With having decided to spend 2 months in Noumea this year, we were able to see a lot more than in 2015.  One of the highlights was Casy Island.  Not just because it is a beautiful spot but largely due to the island’s tour guide; Moose.  Moose, a most loveable dog, was left on the island when a resort was abandoned by its owners.  This may sound harsh but, in fact, Moose loves his home and doesn’t want to leave.  He is well looked after by visiting boats, can fish for himself and is sponsored by Brent and Ana off the catamaran Impi who have set up a fund to pay for his vet costs.  We were totally amazed when we saw Moose leap off                                                                            the wharf on to the back of a stingray!!

There are moorings in the bay, just off the jetty.  The water is crystal clear and although not teeming with fishlife, some friendly cod hung around the back of the boat:)  Great spot to snorkel, kayak and paddle board:)


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