Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Coral Bay

We arrived Coral Bay about 9.00am at low tide so we picked up one of the Department of Parks and Wildlife free moorings and waited for the tide to come in.

Entrance to the anchorage in Coral Bay is 4 miles through a winding, narrow and VERY shallow channel so we definitely needed a bit of water below us.

Steph and Sam were due to arrive in Coral Bay at mid day so we started heading in about 11.00.  With our amazing navigation gear and Ron at the helm we made it through the channel without incident.  I called out the depths and watched the charts, calling port or starboard and Ron watched the water and worked the wheel. 

With only one fairlead, we needed to put the second anchor down with no winch… by hand!
We got the text from Steph to say they had arrived and it was scorching hot so we got the anchor down as fast as we could and Ron went in to pick them up!  Yay!!  So good to have the family back on board:)

Coral Bay is an absolutely beautiful spot.  Set up for tourists, the Dept of PaW have made it very accessible to see the wonders.  There are mooring buoys for boats (including dedicated kayak moorings)  to tie up to at all the good snorkelling spots; Shark Cleaning Station, Turtles and coral beds.  Coral Bay is also the home to resident manta rays all year round.

We took the tender back out the channel to the beach where they are known to swim every day.  They are the biggest ray but fortunately do not have a stinging tail.  So in the water we went:)  We were very lucky that the water was very calm that day making it easier to spot them.  This would have to have been the highlight of our week in Coral Bay!

Steph and Sam had come to Coral Bay to go to a wedding so we were on Lucas duty!  What a pleasure:) 

It was a sad day when they left to return to Perth but we will be returning to Coral Bay:)

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