About Us

This site is being developed for our pending massive adventure ....

Family wedding in Phuket on 22nd Feb 2014, Followed by a 6 + month journey bringing "Emotion2"
back to NZ via the "bunny" route .... do not think we will miss much

More "about us" when we all get together in Thailand over the next few days

Annie is on the plane tonight (Friday February 14, 2014)
Myself, and another 4 same family flight late Tuesday 18
I've lost track of how or when everyone else is getting up there

Our hope is that we can share it all with you here at www.emotion2.co.nz

Captain of Emotion 2, Retired, Living the Dream

Captain's Wife and First Mate, Semi-Retired, Living every day to the fullest

Annie's Brother

Back in '82, my return from my OE included hitching from Bangkok through Thailand and Malaysia to Singapore, and after a ferry deck ticket to Jakarta, across Java to Bali. It was on a shoestring budget of US $2 a day and it was a fascinating and enlightening experience. I have always wanted to return to that part of the world.
I was virtually born on a boat, and have spent all my life around boats and the sea, particularly sailing.
Ron, Annie and I, with family, have shared many boating adventures together.

So when I was asked if I would like to join Ron and Annie for this voyage, it was a no-brainer for me.


KimmyG said...

Great to see you all underway. Looking forward to the first post from Emotion2 when you hit Thailand. So exciting. Really cool to know we will get updates here. Xxxx

Geoff Harnden said...

Hello KimmyG...yes. it's getting close... and believe it or not... I've reached Stage 3!!!!... I'm packing my bags.

I will have email a good chunk of the time. Thx 4 all your help buddy. I've left a nice little USANA spa bath for you to enjoy
while the Landcruiser ticks over... hehe. lotsa love. xxoo