Phuket - Bali 2014

Rumah Franjapani, Sanur, Bali

A place of fragrant love and joy. Bali, I love you.
I will be back

and Annie's been blogging!!!!

A Night in Sanur

Villa Bima, Seminyak for Easter

18-23 April


15 April Rod's Birthday and Full Moon

Happy Birthday Rod! We love you!

SO we have been in Bali for 2 weeks now and it has been surreal! Like the Hindu people we have been greatly influenced by the tides! The boat is on the beach and could not come up until the full moon when the tides were high enough! So today is the big day! Fingers Crossed!
Bali is not the worst place in the world to be "holed up" in (pardon the pun!) And we are certainly making the most of it! Apart from the underlying anxiety about the boat, the delays to our journey and an unbudgeted holiday - it is absolutely fabulous! Cost of living is cheap, food is delicious, is gorgeous climate, people are so gentle and generous. Our visas run out 20 April so we have applied for an extension but are really hoping to leave on the 20th. Steph and Sam had taken Easter and the days in between off to join us in Broome to explore the Kimberley. With that no longer an option they are coming here on 18th with Sam's dad and Mary. We will hopefully leave on 20th, sail to Gilli as we had previously hoped to do and do the ocean crossing. We can then spend a day or two in Broome before they have to return. I really hope we can make it work for them this time!

Hindus believe that the Fortnightly cycles of the moon exerts a great influence on the human anatomy just as it Affects the water bodies on earth resulting in tides and ebbs.   Purnima, the full moon day, is Considered Auspicious Hindu and most people  fast  throughout the day and pray . Only after a whole day of fasting, prayers and a dip in the river do they take light food at dusk.

We move a little closer to the boat ... from Canggu to Seminyak

The rice paddy fields are my view east from Kubu Pratiwi Villa;
BBQ at some friends Steph and Sam who live here ... then a live band to a huge party where I
rocked on the dance floor until about 3am huge night ... very cool
breakfast ... then to Villa Capri at Seminyak ... dinner out ... on the beach again ... 
at W Retreat Spa and .... we could not get into Potato Head ... the shutters
got friendly with the police, and bought another hat
It's all just too much really

The Newly-Weds fly in from Perth .....

And join us again ... at Kubu Pratiwi Villa, Echo Beach, Canggu, Bali

Great to see Steph and Sam again!!!!!!

Fueling Up

As Geoff Mentioned on the Home Page, putting diesel in the tanks is a major undertaking .... The boys come out to the boat and offer their assistance. We provide them with the containers the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the which they then bring back using a variety of strategies. At Bawean they put the barrels in the water and pushed them to the boat! You will see why when you see how little room there is inside! Hassim and his friend were very helpful in Karimunjara and even dived down to have a look at the keel after our encounter with the reef.

You can see some of the treacherous shallows all around us on our rather flimsy berth!!!

Night Watches

Anyone who knows me will know I am NOT a morning person so getting up at 3.45am ready for my 4.00am to 7.00am watch is not top on my list of favorite things to do! However ..... what makes it all worthwhile is the morning sunrise ..... this was taken on a lovely morning ticularly when the water was like a millpond. An easy way to get through a watch!

....To Belitung

Crossing the Equator....

In keeping with tradition, Ron put on his cape and crown, took hold of his triton and made a toast to King Neptune as we crossed the equator. To make sure the King of the sea looked favourably on us, he poured a rum Neptune and threw him some coins! Hope it works!

As per a post on the Home Page, and below, we had some drama in the Singapore Strait, if avoiding massive ships was not enough .....
before arriving at Nongsa Point Marina and resort, Batam, Indonesia ... a lovely spot to chill out for a couple of nights. Customs clearance and visa's effortless!!

20 March 2014 Johar, Malaysia to Batam, Indonesia

A day of delays! Very low tide at Johar, a fishing village and a ferry port at the bottom of Malaysia. Got stuck on the bottom for an hour while we waited for the tide to come in. A very stressful crossing across the shipping lane to and from Singapore, with all eyes on deck! Ships for as far as the eye could see!
We ducked in between 2 islands to avoid the last of the ships and stumbled upon a live firing test area. Stopped by armed police on a gunboat! They took our passports, boarded and searched the boat for firearms? Big excitement for us little people! They escorted us out of the area with just a warning .... could have been a LOT worse!  

17 March 2014 Langkawi to Port Dickson, Malaysia

It has been both an amazing experience and quite an out of this world experience traveling down the coast of Malaysia. The sea is flat calm with 3 to 6 knots winds in the morning then late afternoon, the horizon disappears, there is no sign of the sky or any sight of land. Upon approaching the land we have been totally dependent upon Ron's knowledge of Navionics and his ability to get us to our safe anchorage by following the charts as if he were blindfolded! He is amazing! No wonder I would not do this with anyone else! Then, as if to welcome us, the skies open up and we are greeted with Thunderstorms. It is only after this that we are Able to see the lie of the land! Remarkable!
Coming in to Port Klang, the Thunderstorms hit before we made anchorage and very wisely, Ron stopped the boat, pointed in to the wind and waited it out! Just as well! When you see the photos below, you will see how busy the shipping channel is and the sheer volume of ships and the cranes to service them! I could have sworn we were motoring right alongside Captain Philips! The crew were lovely and waved out to us as we passed by. Since we had not seen another recreational yachts at all since leaving Langkawi - perhaps we were a strange phenomenon!
From Port Klang we continued down the coast to Port Dickson where we have booked in for a night at the Marina. We will fuel up in the morning and head on down the coast to Melaka.

Just got the boat securely tied up at the marina then the heavens opened. Perfect timing skipper!!!

Magnificent building at Port Dickson, where Geoff enjoyed the live band in the bar until the wee small hours.
Some Ominous weather in the Malacca Strait, and signs of some serious shipping ahead
Departed Melaka before dawn for a big day to Johar ... the sun just coming up out of Melaka

On the route from Penang to pickaxe, Malaysia

More of Langkawi...

Telaga Harbour...our home for 2 weeks: lots of great restaurants, and the iconic creamic articial lighthouse
Lunch, shopping and still more delicious cocktails at the Pantai Cenang resorts area.
And my regular wifi call at the Maharani Arabique restaurant with some interesting bongs...


The "Big Eagle", Langkawi's icon greets you at the main port where the ferries arrive from the mainland
A Malay gunboat came to check us out. No pirates now with these guys around!!!!
Entry into a waterway accessible only by local "longshafts", or as we did, by inflatable. Impressive.
Maiden Lake... a huge freshwater lake just a 5 minute walk over a hill from the sea. Lots of monkeys here.
We all had to go to Ron's aid as a whole bunch were about to attack him!!!! Just in time too.
Amie, Craig, Clare and Tina got scooters, and we are all heading off to "Shin Mi" for dinner.....

Phuket to Langkawi...
Into the inflatable to go see the monkeys
Sailing to next island, passing an island cliff dweller
Yet another stunning sunset, and another delicious Annie meal, then it was boys vs girls catching piper
off the boarding platforms...7 each the result
Our last island visit before Langkawi... a beautiful resort, where we went ashore for snacks and coctails;
Sam a massage. Then off that night at dusk for a 3 hour motor to Langkawi, blowing 30 knots and pretty rough!!!!

Last drinks in Thailand....

Day trip to Hong Island... Monday 24 Feb                   Click on photos to enlarge

Steph and Sam's Wedding 22 Feb 2014

Click here to see some of the professional photos

Here are some much awaited photos from Amie and Myfil until such time as we get some more from other guests!  An amazing day in an amazing location with amazing people!  Out of this world, Sam and Steph!  Congratulations!  Love you both!

Please note, this video is unlisted and can only be accessed via the blog for privacy.

Phuket Weekend Night Markets

Sam and Ron were not up to the shopping side of the markets so we left them at the modified VW  Combi van bar........ Upon our return we found them with enormous straws and sipping from a bucket of pina coladas!

Skyla Beach House

A beautiful evening barbeque at the end of Kamala Beach, nestled in the rocks.  Amazing venue, amazing food, wonderful company!  Thanks Steph and Sam!

Sunset at Villa Santisuk

The evening before the big event!  A beautiful evening swim in the infinity pool with the most amazing backdrop!  What an out of this world venue for Steph and Sam's magical day!

....... and in the morning, we woke up to this!


KimmyG said...

Wow - awesome shots. What a magical spot for a wedding. Perfect for all to relax and enjoy such a happy occasion, with lots to do and see and new experiences galore.
Love those photos. It looks stunning.

Geoff Harnden said...

Just absolutely amazing Kim...the photies are good but 2 be there live was just breathtaking. Hope to get some wedding shots when they become public. We have seen a select few thanks to Sam and Steph,but obviously they want to prep them first. "Stunning" will be an understatement!!!!